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“Ohio is defined by its history of innovation and adventure. A hyperloop in Ohio would build upon that heritage.”

- Former Ohio Governor John Kasich | February 2018



“Transportation defines how we are able to work and live, and NOACA’s findings show that increased transportation opportunity will only help Ohioans. Improving Ohio by increasing economic growth and job opportunities while reducing harmful emissions shows that Ohio is a leader in a new era of transportation and manufacturing.”  

– US Senator Sherrod Brown (OH) | December 2019


“With the advances in transportation technology and the ever-changing shifts in populations, economically feasible alternative mass transportation options are becoming more attractive. Hyperloop technology has the opportunity to revolutionize how Northeast Ohioans live and work. I am excited by the study’s results showing the possibilities and potential Hyperloop can bring to the Cleveland area.”

 – US Congressman Bob Gibbs (OH-7) | December 2019


“A hyperloop in the Northeast Ohio Region would be, without a doubt, a game changer for everyone who calls this community home. Our region’s strong foundation in manufacturing and innovation make our area ideal to test out this new, exciting technology. As the United States confronts an ever growing infrastructure crisis, hyperloop technology will help push our nation into the twenty-first century. We should not wait for China to build this – we should be building these systems right here at home and getting people back to work,” said Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH).

- US Congressman Tim Ryan (OH-13) | February 2018


“As the Great Lakes Region continues to draw more and more people, the already high demand for new and improved infrastructure and transit increases. Introducing the Hyperloop will bring an influx of new jobs and countless benefits for the Greater Cleveland area and our regional economy. I will continue to engage my colleagues on the House Appropriations Committee to secure funding for the project’s research, development and deployment, and look forward to reviewing the feasibility study to learn more about Hyperloop’s potential impact in Ohio and throughout the Great Lakes Region.” 

– US Congressman Dave Joyce (OH-14) | December 2019

“The possibility of the Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) and its potential positive impact on Ohio’s economy and infrastructure is very exciting for Northeast Ohio. Through the resources and talent of our citizens, this opportunity could connect new businesses to new markets and new people to new employment. Providing a quick, efficient, and safe transportation option, the Hyperloop could be an asset to everyone. This new technology is exciting and I am honored that Cleveland will be a part of this study.”

- Ohio State Senator Sandra Williams | February 2018

"Transportation is a driver of our economy. This innovative Hyperloop technology will go a long way not only in moving people and cargo, but also help us as we become part of the construction, building and execution of that technology.”

- Mayor Frank Jackson, City of Cleveland | February 2018

“Smart, sustainable transportation is key to our region’s future. Hyperloop technology builds on our existing transportation options and creates an innovative way to grow our cities through greater accessibility and connectivity.”

- Valarie McCall, NOACA Board President | February 2018 

“Transportation has defined the geographical course of civilization since the beginning of humankind. This evolutionary, revolutionary force will do the same. We had better take heed!”

- Mayor Mike Summers, City of Lakewood, Ohio

February 2018


“Ohio's official state motto is ‘With God all things are possible;’ whereas Ohio is blessed to be the home of world class scientists, manufacturers and construction trades, Ohio is well positioned to be the cradle for Hyperloop and its associated technology development and introduction to the world.”

- Commissioner John Hamercheck, Lake County, Ohio

February 2018

“Hyperloop technology is no longer a pie-in- the-sky idea, it is rapidly moving toward realization,” said Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (D-OH). “Ohioans think big, and we pride ourselves on innovation. I commend everyone in Northern Ohio working toward this project’s success. Our bipartisan effort in Washington to bring support to this innovation will continue.”

- US Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (OH-9) | February 2018



“Next-generation transportation technologies such as the Hyperloop have the potential to efficiently connect Northeast Ohio with other economic hubs in the Midwest,” said Rep. Fudge.  “According to this new feasibility study, development of a high-speed hyperloop transit system in the Great Lakes region will create jobs, generate economic development, and increase tax revenue, all while saving passengers critical time and money.  I commend NOACA and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies for investing in innovative, sustainable, and affordable transportation technologies to help grow our economy, improve our environment, and make a positive impact on the lives of countless people across the region.” 

– US Congresswoman Marcia Fudge (OH-11) | December 2019

“I am excited about this proposal and where this project will lead, well into the future.  In my opinion, this is an area of transportation long overdue for investment. The economic impact of the Hyperloop project alone will be enormous. And it will certainly help facilitate ease of travel together with the delivery of goods to commerce.  This technology will bring us squarely into the 21st century, and finally in line with other industrialized nations.”  

 – Ohio State Rep. John Rogers | December 2019

“Pushing the boundaries of transportation technology today attracts the employees and investors of tomorrow. The hyperloop through Cleveland will help grow our reputation as a place for innovative economic opportunities."

- Ohio State Senator Matt Dolan | February 2018

“Today is a very exciting day,” said Senator Sykes. “A hyperloop system could revolutionize American industry, reshape the debate over greenhouse gas emissions and lead to new technological breakthroughs. Though this project is still in its infancy, the potential economic and environmental benefits of a state of the art transportation system deserve to be fully explored. The possibilities are endless.”

- Ohio State Senator Vernon Sykes | February 2018

“The Northeast Ohio region in regards to technological advancement is no less than magnificent. With the rapid changes in infrastructure and transportation technologies such as a hyperloop would not only benefit the economy, but help us continue our stride as one of the great leaders in innovation. The citizens of the great buckeye state should be very proud to call Ohio their home. I am excited for Ohio to continue its technological advancement into the 21st century.”

- Ohio State Rep. David Greenspan | February 2018

“The possibility of a hyperloop system in Northeastern Ohio is very exciting. Our region is an innovation leader and uniquely positioned to test out this system. I can see a bright future ahead for transportation and infrastructure when we make them priorities. I am pleased to see Northeast Ohio at the forefront of this important discussion.”

- Ohio State Rep. Nickie J. Antonio | February 2018

“As a lifelong resident of Northeast Ohio, I am excited about the opportunity for our region to be the first in the nation to design, develop and implement this remarkable transportation technology. I have been a member and officer of the NOACA Board of Directors for many years, and the agreement to enter into a landmark public-private partnership is indeed a highlight of my tenure. This Hyperloop project will be instrumental in transforming our Northeast Ohio economy by not only utilizing our manufacturing heritage, but it also will create the sustainable, high-paying jobs so necessary for our future.”

- Commissioner Daniel Troy, Lake County, Ohio | February 2018