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Connecting Chicago, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh in just over an hour

America’s first multi-state hyperloop starts in the Great Lakes Megaregion


In early 2018, the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA) signed an official agreement with the Illinois Department of Transportation supporting a Hyperloop route from Cleveland to Chicago. 


Later that year, NOACA signed an official Public-Private Partnership agreement to facilitate a feasibility study for America’s first multi-state hyperloop in the Great Lakes Mega Region with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HyperloopTT), a global company with offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia. 


As part of this initiative, a growing number of regional stakeholders including industry leaders, academia, national labs, non-profit, for-profit and government entities formed the Great Lakes Hyperloop Consortium. Members not only support the project, but are committed to making the Hyperloop a reality.


“We have said from the beginning that the hyperloop will take a movement.

The Great Lakes Hyperloop is by far the largest movement of private and public organizations

working with a hyperloop company to develop a system in the United States.”


- Dirk Ahlborn, Founder and Chairman of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies -



The Great Lakes region has a rich history of innovation, invention and bringing great leaders to the world that have transformed it with their vision. Local dreamers and visionaries like John Glenn, Neil Armstrong, the Wright Brothers, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, and Abraham Lincoln, all left an indelible mark. 


The Great Lakes Megaregion is also the gateway to the Midwest and the Northeast, so it seems only fitting that the vision to connect the United States begins here. Connecting a megaregion which boasts over $6 Trillion in annual GDP, is the prospect of the Great Lakes Hyperloop and promises to bring the region’s over-stressed infrastructure into the 21st century.


The Great Lakes Megaregion is also home to five of the top 25 cities in terms of population within Canada and the United States. Every year, the region contributes GDP of more than $1T -- 30% of the nation's annual GDP. In addition, the Great Lakes Megaregion holds one-third of US freight activity and 20% of US employment. Strong manufacturing, raw materials and talented hard-working people also add to the region’s long list of strengths.



The necessary ingredients to enabling a successful launch of something as transformative as the hyperloop, and sustaining its growth for years to come, includes having a foundation of the best and the brightest across industry, academia and all levels of government.  The Great Lakes Megaregion is fortunate to have an abundance of relevant stakeholders from all of these disciplines. The visionaries that have come before are the inspiration for this present day Great Lakes Hyperloop Consortium -- entities bound together with a common purpose of supporting the advancement of a new mode of transportation in the birthplace of aviation.

See the full list of Great Lakes Hyperloop Consortium members.


The dream of flying at airplane speeds,
just above the ground,
powered by magnets and sunlight,
is not a dream anymore. 

America’s first multi-state Hyperloop starts here.

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